Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Why no pics?

Anonymity is a wonderful thing.

I've received a couple of emails decrying the fact that I don't actually show my face.

Fine, I'm a coward. A fraidy cat.


I hide behind a pseudonym and lack of a visual icon.

I suppose if I really wanted to, I could put up some kind of caricature. Anyway, let me state my reasons:

1. I NEVER want to be Googled by a potential BF. Disclosure of my history is something I would like to keep in my own hands. I am not saying that I won't disclose my past. My plan is to do it before things get too heated. I want someone to know me for me, not my medical condition or past.

2. I have things to say and my face has nothing to do with it. I have some things I want to say, that's it.

3. I do not want to be used for 'one-handed' surfing. ewww

4. I am vague about aspects of my life but there are enough clues to piece together who I am (I know, I know I am not that important). The anonymity is also a level of respect for others in my life. There is a stigma related to TS's, why would I drag anyone into that on purpose.

5. I don't want to be typecast. If people pigeonhole you, it is really hard to dig your way out (excuse the mixed metaphors please).

Case in point: Wil Wheaton was typecast because of his stint in Star Trek. I've been reading his blog and I followed him occasionally on Tech TV and through Slashdot. He is a pretty good guy. He's smart, funny, techy, an author (I will now throw in an 'etc.'). But his public perception is nearly always based on Wesley Crusher.

I know, strange example.